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Sean Baker shot an entire feature length movie using 3 I-phone 5s’. Following just a few simple rules, we can guide you through content creation for your campaign. And don’t forget… shoot loads of video, we can grab the best stuff.

Tip 1: Go horizontal

Before you start, turn your phone on its side and leave it that way! For maximum screen space on social media, film your clips horizontally. This tiny adjustment makes a huge difference.

Tip 3: Use the phone's functions

They’re there to help you after all! Experiment with time lapse and slow motion for some interesting effects. e.g. filming a busy office or your team arriving using the time lapse function, or action shots in slow motion.

Tip 5: Lighten up

Keep filming fun, but seriously light is crucial. If filming outdoors, try and have the sun behind you. Inside, arrange multiple lights to reduce harsh shadows (3 is usually enough). Use the exposure lock to stop continual re-focusing (hold your finger on the screen where you want to focus and it will come up).

  1. Key light: placed to the side of the camera and lights the subject
  2. Fill light: opposite the key light to helping to eliminate shadows
  3. Back light: behind the subject gives the scene a 3D look and feel

Tip 8: Up close and personal

Unless you’re using a lens, don’t be tempted to zoom in. The in-built zoom is digital and can result in pixilation. (The dual-lens iPhone 7+ gets round this!) Don’t forget most video is watched on a tiny screen!

Tip 2: Watch out for headless people

Framing a video is just as important as framing a photo (using the rule of thirds). Avoid cutting off heads and feet! There’s nothing worse than an interview with part of someone’s head missing!

Tip 4: Cut out the shakes

When filming interviews, use a tripod. If panning, aim your hips where you intend to finish and go slow. For awesome movement consider using a gimbal. For perfect panning shots, consider also taking a panoramic photo, we can use in the video. Rest your elbows on a nearby object. Finally don’t forget the good old Selfie Stick!

Tip 6: Background noise

When filming voice, be super aware of background noise. Interviews and voice-overs should be in a quiet room and test it out before filming the whole thing. For the best sound use a second phone situated just above the persons head and create a voice memo. When recording outside ensure there’s no wind if you want the audio to come through!

Tip 7: Add ons

Whilst most smartphones have excellent cameras and microphones, the pro might consider investing in clip on lenses and/or an external microphone.

Tip 9: Aerials

For the ultimate framing shot, consider a drone! Watch out for local laws and regulations, but this can give an incredible intro sequence.