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For me it all started with an bunch of old cine films from my wife as a toddler growing up in Malawi. After many years lying forgotten in a box in a dark attic the first step was taken. It’s easy to transfer cine, video, slides etc. onto DVD, but still a miss mash of silent shaky movies, on a rarely used DVD were easily forgotten! An idea was born. Taking the clips to a professional editor we were able to create a short movie with beautiful scenes and emotive music that now makes my in-laws cry about once a month.

Memories like that are too precious to loose, but when did you last look at a movie more than 3 months old on your phone? Despite the ability to create content more easily than ever before, we are suffering from chronic amnesia. The snapchats and facebooks of the world are overloading us with instantly gratifying, but easily forgotten images and videos.

Having known Richard for a long time we suddenly realised there was a synergy and a huge service we could provide. WIth the help of a pro, he had been producing family videos for years. His kids, wife and extended family now eagerly await their Christmas treat, in a viewing session that has become tradition.

We’ve now also taken on this annual tradition and with the aid of Sean, @Momento ( is born. Believe me when I say there is nothing better for a marriage than making your in-laws cry!